Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to several common questions. Please contact us if your question is not answered.

Why does this budget matter to me?

The budget is what allocates resources for government operations each year. This includes public safety response, refuse pick up, and maintenance of public parks, roads, and properties. It all goes back to the budget!

What’s the difference between the operating and capital budget?

The operating budget funds day-to-day activity in the government and the capital budget funds major infrastructure projects. This initiative is focusing on the operating budget.

I don’t understand the budget data. Who can help?

The Office of Management and Budget can help. Please feel free to reach out.

Who makes budget decisions?

Directors and OMB staff contribute to a preliminary budget. The Mayor makes the decision on what to submit to Council. Legally, City Council passed the final budget document.

How does the City ensure all resident voices are heard?

The administration tries to engage with all resident voices. The Neighborhood Services team conducts targeted outreach in areas that do not historically have high participation levels.

How do I voice my concerns about these budgets?

You may voice concerns directly to the Mayor’s Office, the Office of Management and Budget, or the individual office of your Council representative